Dine-In Dinner Menu

Menu is subject to change based on local and seasonal availability.


farm egg baked in celery cream with grilled bread …. 12
field pea hummus & feta snack, crudités, housemade lavash …. 16
curry spiced fried okra, green chile chutney, pickled jalapeños …. 13
field pea & peanut salad, lemon ricotta, roasted pepper, tomato, mint …. 13
arugula, peach & cucumber salad, country ham, peppers, vidalia, basil …. 14
watermelon, pistachio, pork rind, jalapeno, whipped chevre, mint …. 14
butter poached shrimp, stewed okra, carolina gold rice, sweet peppers, benne …. 16
housemade charcuterie, pickles, mustard, grilled bread …. 21 with cheeses …. 34
evergreen butcher & baker country sourdough & house butter …. 3 per person


daily fish, cabbage, cucumber, peach, tomato, summer herbs, tahini-yogurt …. mkt
roasted half chicken, fig, cornbread salad with field peas, green beans & tomato …. 30
braised rabbit, smoked tomato, sweet corn, okra, cornmeal spoonbread …. 32
grilled pork loin, butter beans, sweet peppers, vidalia, blackberry …. 31
grass fed steak, new potato, squash, shishito, eggplant, lion’s mane mushroom …. 35
seasonal vegetable plate …. 26

SIDES … 9 each

cabbage, cucumber, peach, tomato

butter beans, sweet peppers, blackberry

sliced tomatoes, olive oil, basil

cornbread salad with field peas, green beans & tomato

sweet corn, okra, smoked tomato


venezuelan chocolate ganache, dulcey cremeux, hazelnut praline, blackberry …. 13

banana-milk chocolate mousse, candied peanuts, cookie crumb, passionfruit caramel …. 13

fig tart, vanilla pastry cream, honey-black pepper ice cream …. 13

lemon-vanilla glazed doughnuts, thyme-roasted peaches, bourbon ice cream …. 12

seasonal ice cream sundae …. 10

ice cream scoop of the day …. 7

cheese selections with accompaniments …. 6 each

in the kitchen
executive chef steven satterfield
chef de cuisine mykel burkhart
executive pastry chef claudia martinez 

*miller union is committed to using safe and sanitary practices and working with local farmers every day