Dinner Menu

Menu is subject to change based on local and seasonal availability.

housemade charcuterie, pickles, mustard, grilled bread …. 21 with cheeses …. 34
farm egg baked in celery cream with grilled bread …. 12
mezze platter with seasonal spreads, crudites & lavash …. 18
pork belly, acorn squash, mole crunch, lime pickled onions …. 15
fish croquette, butternut squash & bell pepper hash, sunflower romesco …. 15
roasted oysters, fennel pernod cream, parmesan, breadcrumbs, lemon …. 23
field pea & peanut salad, tomato, peppers, ricotta, mint …. 14
local lettuces, pistachio, apple, radish, fennel, yogurt, lemon vinaigrette …. 14
osono bakery country sourdough & house butter …. 3 per person

daily fish, napa cabbage, bok choy, carrot, daikon, congee, pumpkin broth …. mkt
braised duck leg, persimmon, pumpkin, frisee, seed granola, cracklin’ vinaigrette …. 33
roasted poulet rouge, farro, kale, pear, turnip, sweet onion, rosemary …. 32
grilled pork loin, collard greens, roasted apple, sweet potato, crispy shallot …. 34
sweet potato ravioli, mushroom, mustard greens, chestnut cream, fried sage …. 29
grass fed steak, grilled radicchio, new potato, caper-herb vinaigrette, balsamic …. 36
seasonal vegetable plate …. 29

SIDES …. 10 each
collard greens, roasted apple, sweet potato
grilled radicchio, new potato, balsamic
farro, kale, pear, turnip, sweet onion, rosemary
napa cabbage, bok choy, carrot, daikon, peppers

dark chocolate cardamom mousse, candied cashew, banana ice cream …. 13
pear- rosemary shortbread tart, vanilla pastry cream …. 13
fall spice cake, apple- tamarind compote, pecan crumb, caramel ice cream …. 13
raspberry-vanilla glazed doughnuts, streusel, lemon-buttermilk ice cream …. 13
ice cream scoop of the day …. 7
cheese selections with accompaniments …. 6 each

in the kitchen
executive chef steven satterfield
executive pastry chef claudia martinez

*miller union is committed to sustainable practices
& working with local growers and producers every day

*consuming raw or undercooked meat, eggs or shellfish
may increase your risk of foodborne illness