Last November, we threw a big party for our 10th anniversary. We were so excited to reach this milestone and share it with everyone; we had no idea what was just around the corner. Now we find ourselves in a completely different environment from the one we left behind. We are at a turning point that merits its own recognition as well. Miller Union has, so far, survived the COVID-19 pandemic, managing to cope and move forward; but it is not without sacrifices.
As we approach our 11th anniversary tomorrow, Tuesday November 10th, we have no plans to hold a big celebration. Of course we would love for you to visit us — for a drink at the bar, dinner on the patio, takeout for your family, or a gift card for a future visit — but this year, we celebrate EVERY night to acknowledge just how far we have come and where we are headed next.  

What is most important is that you continue to support ALL of the small businesses that you care about, and hopefully they too will still be able to stick around as we continue to traverse new territory and unexpected turns. We promise we will be here for you to make delicious seasonal food, pour excellent wines, give great service, make refreshing cocktails, and put a smile on your face each and every time you visit. We are in the hospitality business and that’s just what we do. It gives us comfort and joy to serve you. So come see us soon, whenever you are ready, and help us celebrate another year around the sun.

With gratitude, 

Steven Satterfield & Neal McCarthy

Miller Union