Lunch Menu

Menu is subject to change based on local and seasonal availability.

mezze platter with seasonal spreads, crudites & lavash …. 18
cornmeal & scallion hush puppies, blue crab spread, celery, fennel …. 16
roasted oysters, green garlic, spring greens, butter, breadcrumbs … 15

local lettuces, shaved spring vegetables, peach, feta, green goddess ….. 12
kale & tahini fattoush salad, pecan, carrot, beet, date, crispy pita, chevre …. 13
              add blackened shrimp or grilled chicken …. 10

MU cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup …. 19
griddled roast beef, gouda, caramelized onion, green tomato, arugula …. 19
turkey & country ham cubano, dijon, mayo, gouda, pickles, mojo …. 17
lamb meatball pita, beet hummus, feta, herb salad, yogurt …. 20

grilled quail, peanut, farro, mushroom, peas, cilantro, ginger, teriyaki …. 18
trout fillet, parmesan brodo, collards, carrots, grits cake, brown butter, citrus …. 19
shrimp, green curry, snow peas, carrots, radish, coconut rice, cilantro, mint …. 20
seared cabbage, peanut, farro, mushroom, peas, cilantro, ginger, teriyaki …. 17
seasonal vegetable plate …. 19

bok choy, carrots, vidalia, parmesan …. 10
cornbread grits, asparagus, cherry & rhubarb …. 10
farro, peanut, mushroom, peas …. 10
house cut french fries …. 7

churro ice cream sandwich, vanilla ice cream, caramel …. 12
dark chocolate cheesecake, toasted hazelnuts, whipped passion fruit, kumquat-orange compote …. 13
ice cream scoop …. 7
cheese selections with accompaniments …. 6 each

in the kitchen
executive chef steven satterfield
chef de cuisine jay felton
executive pastry chef claudia martinez

*miller union is committed to sustainable practices
& working with local growers and producers every day

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